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Certificate Programme

Our purpose is helping you to be a self-confident, creative and inspiring trainer.

Start your pilates education programme from highest level…

The Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Certificate Program, which is widely accepted all over the world, is organized in Turkey by Baps Academy®

You can start your career as a pilates instructor or continue with Balanced Body. Trainings were designed by Balanced Body University in central California, USA, in accordance with their goals and programs for pilates trainers who are working in pilates studios, fitness and rehabilitation centers.


Balanced Body University (BBU) is the training branch of the Balanced Body Inc., which is the the world's largest manufacturer of Pilates equipments. Balanced Body has been a leader for more than 40 years in an expanding Pilates market, by providing the highest quality Pilates equipment to more than 100 countries. BBU continues this tradition with its world-class master trainer network and innovative Pilates Training.

Our faculty consists of elaborate and passionate Pilates instructors with a wide range of backgrounds. The rich experience and perspectives of the trainers enable us to offer course programs for studio, fitness and post-rehabilitation settings.

Our programme includes traditional Pilates Mat, Reformer, Trapezium Module, Chair and Barrel repertoire, modifications and additional exercises designed to make Pilates teaching safe, effective and fun. Our curriculum is easy to remember and is in line with current PILATES METHOD ALLIANCE (PMA) guidelines.

Our program offers Pilates Trainer Certification at three levels: Mat, Reformer and Comprehensive. Each level is presented with economic modules, so you can take your first module right now and you can continue your programme next week, next month or next year. Each module provides you to start teaching quickly and is designed for you to learn as you progress.

You can continue your International Education program somewhere in the world such as; Europe, America, Far East (China, Japan, etc.).

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