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About Us

I got acquainted with pilates in 2000 and started to practise the pilates exercises in Turkey. The quick and effective results I accomplished with my participants were far different from those I reached through my former exercise methods. The participants were likely to talk about the feeling of lightness in their bodies, the comfort in their movements which facilitate their daily lives and the mental comfort they reached rather than the new look they got in a very short period of time. It did not take long for me to understand that pilates was an irrevocable exercising method. However, the professional life I had to maintain then was detaining me from establishing my own studio. After continuing with my pilates workouts for some more time, finally I decided to establish my own studio and I opened the first Body Arts Pilates Studio (baps) in Bebek in 2006. baps became a favorite and highly preferred brand in a very short while. The two principles which we have never given up from the very first day; safe exercising and the movement principles which makes pilates what it is have increased the reliance placed on baps.

I started to train my new colleagues and trainers in 2007 through Balanced Body Pilates Training Programs as the Training Director and the Master Trainer. Today 23 qualified professional trainers of baps work in 4 baps branches in total. Baps trainers do not only highlight the exercising part of pilates, but also carry on workouts specific on rehabilitation and all kinds of articular and spinal degenerations as a team. Each member of this team is one of the few and far between professional trainers in Turkey, with an experience and education beyond question. I am very proud of all my team-mates who play an important role in Baps’ success; I am grateful. We are here for you to enjoy healthful days with pilates.

Taha Erpulat
Master Trainer

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